(Manganese Sulphate)

HS Code: 28332940

Packing: 1kg

Shelf Life: Indefinite

Dosage: 1kg/Acre

Plant nutrition plays an important role in crop production and improves agricultural production quality. Each element should be available in adequate amounts for plants, also balance and right ratio between used nutrients is important. For the normal growth of crop the ratio of the concentrations of available iron and manganese must be around 2. If it is more than 2 then manganese deficiency appears but if it is less than 2 the symptoms of iron deficiency appears. Manganese deficiency or toxicity is often mistaken for iron deficiency or toxicity.

Manganese deficiency generally appears in high pH conditions, sandy soils that are low in organic matter, organic miss (peats) and in over-limed soils & in light soils under intensive cropping especially in rice- wheat rotation.

The symptoms which often look like iron deficiency appear on the middle leaves as interveinal chlorosis with light greyish yellow to pinkish brown or buff coloured specks of variable size confined largely to 2/3 lower portion of the leaf; Later, the specks coalesce forming a streak or band in between the veins which remain green.

Plant growth may also be reduced and stunted. In acute deficiency whole of the plant may become dry.
At earing stage, the symptoms become prominent flag leaf.
Do not grow varieties PDW 291, PDW 274 and PDW 233 in sandy soils as these varieties are prone to manganese deficiency.
Uptake of manganese decreases with increased soil pH and is adversely affected by high levels of available iron (Fe).

Calcareous soils, soils with high pH, and especially in soils with poor ventilation are confronted with manganese deficiency. Magnesium (Mg) and lime have an antagonistic affect on manganese; therefore manganese uptake decreases by magnesium and lime. Cereal crops, potatoes, vines and fruit crops grown on high pH conditions are particularly sensitive to manganese deficiency.


MYMAN plays an important role in Oxidation and reduction processes in plants, such as the electron transport in photosynthesis, respiration, and nitrogen assimilation.

MYMAN Act as an activating factor & activates more than 35 different enzymes.

MYMAN increase Chlorophyll production.

MYMAN is also involved in pollen germination, pollen tube growth, root cell elongation and resistance to root pathogens.

MYMAN uptake and transfers the form of Mn2+ in plants, and transfer in the meristematic tissues gradual, thus the young organs of plants are rich of manganese.

Method of Application

In manganese deficient soils, give one spray of 0.5% manganese sulphate solution – 1 kg manganese sulphate in 200 litres of water, 2-4 days before first irrigation and two to three sprays afterwards at weekly intervals on sunny days.

Manganese sulphate should be sprayed only as its soil application is not profitable.