RootZone+ Gr. & RootZone+ Ultra

(Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhiza)

HS Code: 31010099

Packing: Granule 3Kg; Powder 100 gm

Shelf life: 2 Years

Dosage: 3Kg/Acre; 100g/acre

RootZone+ is an Endo mycorrhizal (“Fungus-root”) fungi called Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhiza –VAM – A TERI-DBT know how biofertilizer product having consortium of multi-strain Mycorrhiza, Glomus intraradices as per FCO requirement.

Mode of Action: A mycorrhiza is a type of endophytic, biotrophic, mutualistic symbiosis prevalent in many cultivated and natural ecosystem & require a living host for its survival. Endo-Mycorrhizae on which RootZone+ is prepared contains VAM-fungi which are part of soil habitat & present universally in soil. The Hyphae often form nutrient store houses (Vesicle) and minute branches (arbuscules) within the host cell associate with plant roots forming a symbiotic relationship to the plants, can absorb, accumulate and transport large quantities of phosphate with in their hyphae and release to plant cells in root tissue by increasing the root surface area for water and nutrient uptake. Hence plants with Root Zone+ association will have higher efficiency for nutrient absorption such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc & Copper; and also increase plant resistance to drought, soil borne fungal pathogens & nematodes. It can be used in annual crops like cereals, potato, sugarcane, pulses, oil seeds & fruit crops except cruciferous plants.


Allow plants to take up nutrients in unavailable forms or nutrients that are fixed to the soil. Some plant nutrients, especially phosphorus, are elements that dissolve in water in neutral soil. In the extreme acidic or basic soil, phosphorus is usually bound to iron, aluminum, calcium, or magnesium, leading to water insolubility, which is not useful for plants. Mycorrhiza plays an important role in phosphorus absorption for plant via cell wall of mycorrhiza to the cell wall of plant root. In addition, it helps to absorb other organic substances that are not fully soluble for plants to use, and also help to absorb and dissolve other nutrients for plants by storage in the root it is associated with

Enhance plant growth, improve crop yield, and increase income for the farmers. Arising from improved water and essential nutrients absorption for plant growth by RootZone+ leads to improvement in plant photosynthesis, nutrients translocation, and plant metabolism processes. Therefore, the plant has better growth and yield, reduce the use of chemical fertilizer, sometimes up to half of the suggested amount, which in turn increases income for the farmers.

Friendly to ecosystem & environment.


Easy to apply & friendly to soil microbes.


Improve plant resistance to root rot and collar rot diseases. Mycorrhizal association in plant roots will help plant to resist root rot and collar rot diseases caused by other fungi.


It can be used together with other agricultural chemicals.
Mycorrhiza are endurable to several chemical substances; for example; pesticide such as endrin, chlordane, methyl parathion, methomyl carbofuran; herbicide such as glyphosate, fuazifopbutyl; chemical agents for plant disease elimination such as captan, benomyl, maneb triforine, mancozed and zineb.

It can be used with other foliar & soil fertilzers

Method of Application

Seed Treatment

For Potato: Mix 200gm of RootZone+ Ultra in 4-5 Litre of water. Normally Farmers use 25-30 bags of potato seeds per acre. Open the bags and lay down seeds on floor and spray the solution on potato seeds on both sides and sow in the field.
For Wheat: Generally farmers use 40Kg seed per acre. Sprinkle small quantity of water say 500ml on the seed and pour 100gm of Rootzone+ Ultra on it and then mix it well on all the seed and sow.

For Maize, Bajra etc.: Generally farmers use 8kg seed per acre. Take 100-150gm of water and sprinkle on the seed. Pour 100gm of Rootzone+ Ultra on it and then mix it well on all the seed and sow.

For Sugarcane: Sets can be treated at the time of sowing with RootZone+ Ultra @ 200gm/100 litre of water /acre

Soil Application

Mix 3Kg of RootZone+ Gr. With 25 to 30 kg of well decomposed FYM/organic fertilizer/vermicompost or field soil. It is applied along with seed sowing in the main field in a directly sown crops or applied two days prior to transplanting of seedlings in transplanted crops and as a broad casting & top dressing in narrow spaced crops where inter culture is not possible and forked into soil, followed by irrigation.




Mix 100 gm of RootZone with 25-30 kg of well decomposed FYM/organic fertilizer/vermi compost or field soil and broad cast it in the field followed by irrigation. It can be broad casted even in standing water in Rice after seedling transplantation.



Note: General dose of Rootzone+ Ultra is 100gm per acre only and of RootZone+ Gr. Is 3kg per acre but dose has to be applied double in case of Potato and Sugarcane.