(Water soluble Zn-12%)

HS Code: 31010010

Packing: 500 gm

Shelf Life: 2 Years

Dosage: 500 gm/ acre


Do not treat during flowering.
To be used only where there is a recognised need.
Do not exceed the appropriate dose rates.

Zinc deficiency generally appears in light soils under intensive cropping. The presence of trace elements like Zinc (Zn) in chelated form and the soluble micro-granules form-factor, make EDTA products ideal for the prevention and treatment of microdeficiency.

EDTA Zn is a product based on zinc chelated with EDTA, ideal for treating and preventing zinc deficiency & Formulation is Soluble micropropagules.

If recommended dose of zinc sulphate has been applied to the kharif crop, its application may be omitted to the following wheat crop. Paddy responds more to zinc application, therefore zinc should be applied to paddy and its residue is sufficient to meet the requirement of the following wheat crop.

However, if Zinc has not been applied to paddy and zinc deficiency is expected/appears whole symptoms are a stunted and bushy crop with leaves chlorotic in the middle, which later break and keep hanging.

It is required in protein synthesis and for ensuring seed quality and uniform maturity.

Dosage & Method of Application


Dose: 500g/ acre as foliar spray