• HS Code: 31010099
  • Packing: Granule

  • Shelf life: 2 Years
  • Dosage: 3Kg/Acre




*(With imported technology first time in India )

having total CFU count minimum 5×107 cells/gm of carrier as per FCO specification

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INVOKE  is a unique blend of high potency Granular formulation impregnated and encapsulated with NPK bacteria, Root-networking biofertilizers, Humic acids, Sea weeds with inherent “In-Vitro” multistage fermentation growth elements with properties that they can easily get dispersed in soil and increase the water holding capacity of soils, acts like a massive root hair system, scavenging minerals, retaining water in the soils, fixing atmospheric nitrogen solubilizing and mobilizing soil phosphorus & potash by secreting organic acids thus making all major, secondary and micronutrients assimilated and available to the rhizosphere via roots and help plants grow better and makes plants resilient and able to resist drought. Compatibility: INVOKE can be used with all biological and chemical inputs applied in crops.

Method of Application

Apply in root zone in the field, fruits, vegetables, orchards, plantations, green house, home garden and all other crops @ 3 kg/acre. Prefer to apply during early stages of crops.

In nursery beds: Broadcast @3kg/acre and irrigate the beds.

In transplanted or any other crop: Apply @3kg/acre during the active stage of crop growth once or twice and follow with irrigation.

NOTE : Soil application in  all field crops, vegetables, spices, plantations, fruit crops, ornamentals with  3 kg/acre. For Potato & Sugarcane farmers should use 6 kg/acre


Suitable for application in all crops. It induces more crop growth within short period and nourishes crops for longer period and thereby leading the crop to higher yield with quality produce.

Potash mobilizing bacteria in INVOKE secrete organic acids and organic compounds in rhizosphere region in the soil which transforms the unavailable form of potash into available form to plants. Potash plays an important role in phyto assimilation and translocation of photosynthetic material. The availability of potash for plant uptake is very low even though our soils are rich in potash. The fixed forms of soil potash is mobilized in majority soils (pH 5 to 11) and made available to the crop plants.

Phosphate solubilizing bacteria in INVOKE and yeast convert complex soil phosphate into simple soil phosphate so as to make it available to the crop plants by releasing organic acid ( Acetic acid, formic acid, gluconic acid, lactic acid & succinic acid) and simultaneously release plant growth promoting substances which helps to grow better roots & lead the crops to grow more  and give higher yield with quality produce.

Azotobacter in INVOKE fixes atmospheric Nitrogen for crop and produces plant growth promoting substances like GA, IAA, IBA, Cytokinins etc. that all induce the crops’ vegetative and reproductive growth.

INVOKE plays an essential role for enzyme activation, protein synthesis, photosynthesis, water retention, immunity development, soil biodiversity and induces enhanced plant growth.

INVOKE helps in flowering and fruiting of crop plants.  

INVOKE improves the quality (colour, size, shine, aroma/flavor & shelf life) of produce and higher yield

Sea weed extracts and humic acids are the very good natural sources of plant growth promoting substances, Minerals, essential salts, amino acids, enzymes, hormones, organic carbons, naturally derived macro elements like N2, P2O5, K2O, Ca, Mg, S, and all micro-nutrients thereby giving the crop luxurious growth in short and long term time perspective.

INVOKE decreases dependence on chemical fertilizers significantly.  

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INVOKE-N (Azotobacter) Granule & Liquid       As per FCO   CFU-5×107/gm & 1×108 cell/ml of liquid           HS Code: 31010099

  • A free living rhizobacterium in soil & multiplies by making use of the organic matter for nitrogen fixation in all non legume crops.
  • Produce plant growth promoting substances useful for crop growth & higher yield.
  • Scretes growth harmones in rootzone for better root development.
  • Decrease the dependence on inorganic chemical N fertilizers.
Dosage: Soil Application – 3 kg/acre As Liquid: 800-1000 ml/acre

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INVOKE-P (Phosphorus solubilizing Bacteria) Granule & Liquid  As per FCO CFU-5×107/gm & 1×108 cell/ml of liquid                       HS Code: 31010099

  • Converts insoluble phosphorus into simple and soluble form to make it available to plants
  • Increase “P” uptake in plants & reduce use of chemical fertilizers.
  • Increase root growth of plant for proper water absorption.
  • Improves better uptake of micro nutrients.
  • Increases the crop productivity by 15%
Dosage: Soil Application – 3 kg/acre As Liquid: 800-1000 ml/acre

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INVOKE-K (Potash Mobilising Bacteria) Granule & Liquid     As per FCO    CFU-5×107/gm & 1×108 cell/ml of liquid                       HS Code: 31010099

  • Provides unavailable potash to plants
  • Increase photosynthesis.
  • Helps to make starch & protein to the plants
  • Improves size, colour and quality of fruits, vegetables & flowers.
  • Improves plant immune system & save upto 30% of normal “k” fertilizer cost.
Dosage: Soil Application – 3 kg/acre As Liquid: 800-1000 ml/acre