(Pseudomonas fluorescens)


HS Code: 30029030

Packing: 1kg

Dosage: 1Kg/Acre

Shelf Life: 12 Months

Mode of Action:

Competition for Nutrients or Space: MYGARD-P controls pathogens by creating competition for substrates, nutrients or space.
Antibiosis: Provides a long-lasting control against pathogens hyphae by enzymatic and antagonistic action.
– By secreting an enzyme, it has the capability to destroy the cell wall of the fungal pathogens and annihilate them.
– It secrets hydrogen cyanide and antibiotics such as pycocyanin and phenazine, which inhibit the growth of disease causing pathogens.
– It also produces siderospores which chelate with iron in the soil, and make it difficult for the pathogens to proliferate.

MYGARD-P is a biological fungicide containing the cells of rhizobacteria, Pseudomonas fluorscens which also has bionematicide and plant growth promoting activity in powder form having 1X108 bacterial cells /gm for controlling disease causing pathogens like Pyniculasa oryzae, Alterneria, Mycosphaerella grasicola., Pythium, Rhizoctonia solani, Fusarium, Botrytis cinerea, Sclerotium rolfsii, and Sclerotinia homoeocarpa which cause root rot, wilt, seedling rot and collar rot diseases in all crops. Apart from controlling foot rot ( Jhanda Rog), Blast, Sheath blight it has an excellent efficacy even on bacterial leaf blight of paddy.

Further, it secretes several plant growth substances, and these gibberellins like compounds contribute to vigorous crop growth. It has a strong oxidizing power that helps them break down environmental pollutatnts and provide useful enzymes and oxygen for plant growth. This bacterium enters the plant system and act as a systemic bio control agent against diseases.


MYGARD-P apart from disease control acts as PGPR (Plant growth promoting rhizobacteria), helps in seed germination, plant growth, early flowering & fruiting of crops. Ultimately improves crop yield.

MYGARD-P improves soil quality with subsequent uses.

MYGARD-P also prevents root invasion caused by soil nematodes thereby not giving access to soil pathogenic fungi to enter the root system of plant. So apart from control of fungal pathogens directly it also helps in controlling root invading nematodes.

MYGARD-P fits well in IDM programmes.

MYGARD-P is eco- friendly, maintains ecological balance & harmless to environment.

MYGARD-P does not create resistance, resurgence and any residue problem.


It is compatible with all biofertilizers.

It can be applied to seeds treated with Carbendazim, Metalaxyl or Thiram but not treated with mercurial compounds.

It can be tank mixed with all fungicides.

Do not tank mix with Herbicides, antibacterial agents and inorganic fertilizers.

Method of Application

Seed Application: MYGARD-P can be used @ 10g per kg of seed along with appropriate stickers/wetting agents to coat the seeds.

Seedling Application: MYGARD-P can be mixed in water @ 10gm/ltr of water. Dip the roots of the seedlings in the solution prior to planting for 25 to 30 minutes. Over dose doesn’t cause any harmful side effects.

Preparation of Seedbeds: Mix 1Kg of MYGARD-P in 100litre of water. Drench the seed bed/Spray it on 10 cents or 1×10 meter area after sowing.

Foliar Application: Mix 1Kg of MYGARD-P in 200 litre of water and apply it to plants deep up to roots or spray during early crop stage. Repeat application fortnightly to have better control. Please note use spray solution on same day.

Soil Treatment: Take 25 to 30 kg well decomposed FYM/Organic Manure/Vermicompost. Add 1Kg of MYGARD-P in it, sprinkle some water and Mix it well. Keep it under the shade. After 3 days sprinkle bit water and mix it again. Keep it for 3 days more under the shade. Now use this preparation to mix in the top soil in 1 Acre of land, followed by irrigation. In Green Houses to mix in pots add 1-2 Kg MYGARD-P in 100 litre of water. Apply at the rate of 200 ml per cubic meter of greenhouse potting mix, soil or planting beds.