(Trichoderma viride)

HS Code: 30029030

Packing: 1kg

Shelf Life: 12 months

Dosage: 1kg/Acre


– It is compatible with all biofertilizers.
– It can be applied to seeds treated with Carbendazim, Metalaxyl or Thiram but not treated with mercurial compounds.
– It is compatible with all sulphurs and can be tank mixed.
– It is compatible with Mancozeb 75% WP (@ 0.25g / Litre Level), Carbendazim 50%WP (@ 0.10g/Litre level) & Copper oxy chloride 88% w/w (@ 0.25 g / Litre level). – It can be tank mixed with above fungicides as suggested.

MyGard-T is a high potency effective biological fungicide having conidial spore and mycelial fragments of the selective strain of antagonistic fungus Trichoderma viride in highly micronized powder form in 250gm pouch having 2 X 108 colony forming units (CFU) /gm for suppression of various seed and soil borne diseases caused by fungal pathogens such as Pythium spp., Rhizoctonia solani, Fusarium spp., Botrytis cinerea, Sclerotium rolfsii and Sclerotinia homoeocarpa causing root rot, root wilt, seedling rot and collar rot diseases in all crops.

Mode of Action:

Competition for Nutrients or Space: MyGard-T controls pathogens by creating competition for substrates, nutrients or space.

Antibiosis: It is the condition in which one or more metabolites excreted by an organism have harmful effect on one or more other organisms. So by secreting secondary metabolites which exhibit antibiosis effect on pathogen offers a long lasting control against the pathogen.

Mycoparasitism: MyGard-T coils around, penetrates, take nutrients from the pathogen and kills other fungi that are pathogenic ( i.e. cause disease) to crops. It can digest their cell walls so pathogen eventually dies and finally get eliminated from the field.


MyGard-T apart from its effective disease control decomposes raw organic farm wastes, solubilizes soil phosphorus, reclaim adverse soils, promotes plant growth and protects soil eco-system.

MyGard-T is water soluble, Low dose, high field efficacy product and give no clogging in drip application.

MyGard-T is eco-friendly, maintains ecological balance & harmless to environment.

MyGard-T does not create resistance, resurgence and any residue problem.

MyGard-T fits well in IDM programmes.

Method of Application

Seed Application: MyGard-T can be used @ 2g to 5g per kg of seed along with appropriate stickers/wetting agents to coat the seeds.

Seedling Application: MyGard-T can be mixed in water @ 10gm/ltr of water. Dip the roots of the seedlings in the solution prior to planting for 25 to 30 minutes. Over dose doesn’t cause any harmful side effects.

Preparation of Seedbeds: Mix 500g of MyGard-T in 100litre of water. Drench the seed bed / Spray it on 10cents or 1×10 meter area after sowing.

For Fruiting Crops: Mix 250gm to 500gm of MyGard-T in 100 litre water and apply it to plants deep up to roots or through drip irrigation.


Soil Treatment: Take 25 to 30 kg well decomposed FYM/Organic Manure/Vermicompost. Add 250gm of MyGard-T in it, sprinkle some water and Mix it well. Keep it under the shade. After 3 days sprinkle bit water and mix it again. Keep it for 3 days more under the shade. Now use this preparation to mix in the top soil in 1 Acre of land, followed by irrigation.